To combine our know -how, which has been handed down from generations, to a team of expertise in design, fashion, manufacturing and communications, with the aim of being the world’s number one producer of a handmade and highly technical product, for a sport that, thanks’ to new techniques and technologies has evolved considerably over time.

The first collection was recognized for innovation in design at an International level through the use of the tested “Perfect Fit System” and of the Personalized



Tucci ensures that all the materials used in the creation of its products are of the highest quality, from the leather and leather tanning of Italian origin and crystal inserts “made with CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements”.

Each step, from the assembly of the upper, the finishing’s and final touches to the application of crystal inserts are made by hand.

Handmade is also the anatomic wooden leg, which is necessary in relevant phases of the production of a unique and inimitable boot.