Perfect Fit System is the innovation that we introduced in the production of riding boots custom-made:

– Employ a autoCAD system for the design and development of the model

– We use exclusive anatomical shapes for the mounting of the foot and of the leg

– We use appropriate and tested technical materials


Perfect Fit System ensures a perfect fit and comfort from day one!

Franco Tucci Riding boots simply aren’t merely boots but an extension of the rider able to maximize performances. Franco Tucci Hunter boots are all different from one another, there are no standards or copies. Franco Tucci’s shoe making heritage and deep knowledge combined with creativity and passion are essential elements to produce the Brand’s undisputed excellence. We use specific wood molds to create the exact copy of the customer feet and calf, inserted by hand following an accurate procedure and we let the tailored riding boots rest long enough to break into the frame. However, sometimes, technology can help to go beyond expectations and bridge the gap between the idea and production. The perfect-fit technology allows us to virtually test the riding boots prototype. Digital modification also ensures accuracy the very first time, saving precious materialand time for a green and environmentally friendly approach to shoe manufacturing.