Franco Tucci pioneered the equestrian world with previously unseen fashion allure

Tailor-made exclusivity

For Franco Tucci what you wear is the extension of a person’s identity. Elegant aesthetic that is genuinely wearable, carrying perfection through to the details. Franco Tucci riding boots are the highest expression of craftsmanship, savoir-faire and the heritage of his family tied to his crystalline creativity. His commitment to extraordinary quality and inventiveness remain unchanged, as the pulse toward excellence and innovations introduced to his ultimate creations. He pioneered the equestrian world with previously unseen fashion allure. Premium quality materials meet Italian design, perfection toward innovation, art pieces manufactured to perform at top level.

Tradition and Craftsmanship

Franco Tucci has an innate creativity, yet he started working as an artisan in his father workshop, heir of a tradition handed down from father to son, he has created a brand known worldwide that still combine the savoir faire of handmade craftsmanship with the latest manufacturing technology available. Franco Tucci creates his boots sourcing only the best leathers, finely selected and processed for a product always ready to excel in terms of sportive and aesthetic performance.

Innovation and Technology

Franco Tucci is a pioneer and innovator fascinated by what is modern and new, unseen. Development and research department is pushed every day to the limit, to supply the latest technologies and features to Tucci customers, to improve efficiency in the manufacturing process, respecting the environment.

Design and Fashion

“Italian Design, glamourous style and attention to details makes all the difference” says Franco Tucci. The interest in art and culture, the passion for what is beautiful, have it has influenced enormously his life. The essential sophistication, simplicity without artifice, timeless distillation of authentic style. This is what make Tucci collection so unique: riding boots perfect for everyday life, the natural elegance and a “classic ease to stand out effortlessly “. The equestrian style that never fades, a spontaneous refinement for traditional equestrian boots.

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