Every wish is an order



Bespoke Service

It is a process of hands, passion and skill. You will be welcomed into our exclusive world and cared by our experts. Franco Tucci is the perfect option for any individual seeking an upgrade of their riding gear.

Made to Measure

It all starts by booking an appointment with our agents, at your facility, local authorized shop or selected events around the world. Based on the data collected, we will create your digital model sectioning leather with laser cutting machines to guarantee maximum precision.

Create your design

We pride ourselves in being able to satisfy performance and style request. We will show you Tucci’s exquisite material anthology, design and personalization options to meet the needs of the most exotic tastes. You have the chance to create something unique, like you.

VIP Customer Service

We believe that the beauty of our products lies in a prompt, sharp and careful customer service. Direct contact with our customer assistants to guide you through the boot purchase, unboxing and handling

Lifetime Caring

Whenever you need we will be able to give you immediate assistance, to retrieve information, repair, alter or reproduce the perfect fit and provide the comfort you are used to.



Sky is the limit, one condition: only the best quality. Franco Tucci leather hides are sourced and processed in Italy, personally selected for appearance, texture and consistency. Our artisans experience and talent is key to respect and efficiently use the precious materials we choose.



Hands that know how to do it. The true potential of the leather starts to show itself when the manufacturing process begins. The real spirit of the boots will eventually emerge. Most of this work is done by hand. This is the only way of ensuring accurate execution of all manufacturing steps, outstanding performance and long-lasting reliability



Your unique touch combined to Italian style, smart design and to pioneering innovation. We pursue the idea that aesthetic is integral part of a product quality, as it matches your soul and needs. To feel and perform at your best, always.

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